Hello and welcome!   My name is Kristin and I am the co-runner of www.CuteRunningShirts.com.  Liz and I started this crazy ride at the beginning of 2011.  What started out as an “idea” has flourished into a super, crazy, fun and sometimes…oh my goodness, what are we doing…ride of our lives.  We are moms, wives, runners, tri-athletes  and massage therapists.  We love the idea of staying home with our little ones, but we cannot sit still for one minute!  We are involved with fundraising efforts in our community and love to meet new people with dreams and desires of making their lives count.  NEVER did I think that designing and making shirts would allow us to do all this!  We get to meet amazing people (you guys) along the way at races and expos and the “why” all makes sense.  It just fits!

What can you expect to see from this blog?  LOTS!  Race recaps….mostly in the  Chicago area!!!   Inspiration for our new designs.  People we meet and the crazy stories of the things that happen to us at expos and on the road.  Training and how we make it all balance.

Be sure to check out our other topics on the blog like gear reviews, fundraising and charity events and even a blog about FOOD!  I am currently “taking time off to grow a baby” so this topic is super important right now!  It is also important when training!  You will see posts from both Liz and myself so be sure to check back often.  We look forward to sharing this experience with you!  Happy Running!!!!!